Saturday, January 15, 2011

Benchmarking (Or How Batman Did Not Build Rome In A Day)

In Review:
• We've set out what the first set of Objectives are: Fitness and Weight Loss (there are more still to come)
• We've identified the Tactics were going to use: The Almighty Dollar (The same way you incentivize Nicaraguan terrorists)

Next, let's have a real discussion. Let's talk about Batman.

One of the greatest examples of a Super Hero because, let's face it, his life is anything but Super.

Let's review why it sucks to be Bruce Wayne:

  • Dead parents
  • PTSD and Depression from seeing murdered parents
  • Has a masochistic complex about fighting crime but not sadistic enough to kill any of his enemies. Not even the ones that deserve it.
  • Must hang out with assholes who do have real super powers (but who gives a shit if Aquaman can summon sharks if you're in Utah) to keep his job, otherwise he's considered a vigilante
  • Definitely has an awkward thing for women in vinyl, and is always being accused of having an awkward thing for Boys.

What Batman does have, however:

  • An understanding of what his resources are, and how to use them.
  • A positive attitude towards his goals in crime fighting.
  • Cash

What does this have to do with the Project: Super Dave?

It has to do with Batman's first karate lesson.

When Bruce Wayne, as a young man, decided that he was going to go into Crime Fighting, he understood that he would have to learn lethal force since he wouldn't use deadly weapons. He would need to learn to break an enemy's leg, or bust through a wall using only brute force.

Bruce knew that his goals could only be achieved through training, and by starting from nothing to achieve something extraordinary. If Batman was the goal, karate was his tool. Roundhouse kicks were the units which he measure his success with.

Batman's training started with a balled fist.
Mine starts with a treadmill.


Weight Loss
(Aka The Penguin)
Weight: 225 lbs.
Goal: 165 lbs.
% Change: -26%

(Aka Bane)
Total inches: 285"
Goal: 256.75"
% Change: -15%

(Aka Red Hood)
Jogging Range in 30 min: 3 miles
Goal: 5 miles
% Change: 40%

(Aka The Joker)
Jog Time: 35 min at 5.2 mph avg.
Goal: 2.25 hrs at 6 mph avg.
% Change: 300%

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