Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Master Obi-Won Cannoli and his Donut Mind Tricks

Everything has what I would colloquially call "Brass Tacks."

The crux
The issue
The meat of it.
The raison d'être.

In my case, it really is... The Meat of It.

I've been the "he'll finish it" guy since before I can remember. It's always been that way. I think it comes from being from the kind of family where, at one point, a second helping was a welcome luxury... And then, over time, that family turning into one where leftovers never amounted to much more than excess and a lecture how I never liked to eat leftovers.It was my kind of chess game, except my opponent was new flavors, old favorites and... "I don't want anymore" of too many good things amongst too many of the people in my life.Ask most anyone what my favorite food is, and they'll probably ask back "Of What?" How about any kind of breakfast food? How about my favorite cut of steak? (Porterhouse. For one. A real man's challenge), how about deep dish pizza (Lou Malnati's is the best in Chicago, and I'm a local, and have been on the Pizza Walking Tour)?Or would you find out about my opinion on the King of Meats, the gift given to man from an ancient race smarter than us and with better taste, the animal consumable that can suckle a dying drifter back from the brink of death? The only Meat I would consider electing as our President purely on Tastiness. The Pork Lightening Bolt, with more flavor than Thor has power.

Ask me what my favorite food is, and I'll probably tell you Bacon.

And as far as Bacon is concerned, there's never too much of a good thing. Its an obsession. My personal Dark Passenger. The big difference is that my compulsion can be described with all those tasty Top Chef words for "saturated fat": pan-seared, deep fried, and cream filled

  • Monthly Weight Loss Goal: 7.5 lbs
  • Total Weight Loss Goal: 60 lbs
  • Daily Calorie Intake: 1,200
ON THE BLACK LIST (Once a month)
  • Domino's or Deep Dish
  • Chipotle or Taqueria
  • Fried Chicken
  • Take-out / Sit-down Chinese
  • Running
  • Boxing Gym
  • Weights
  • Nutritional Cleansing
Racing to the Gym? Or to Deep Dish? Shrouded, is the Truth, by the Dark Side.

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