Saturday, January 8, 2011

Confessions of a Fallen Foodie - I'm an Addict

The Chicago dogs.
The fried chicken.
State Fair on a stick.
32. Yes, I counted. 32 pieces of All-You-Can-Eat Sushi.

My past year in eating. Because in any one day, I might ride the same bus with the same people, but no two burritos are the same. Because sometimes you're too busy to plan dinner or to tired after work to cook. Because you're celebrating an engagement or planning a wedding. And there are cake samples, or free champagne. Whether it was to be gastronomically adventurous, or to hang out with friends, or to keep it simple during the week.

And going into 2011, I've lost the Battle of 2010. And I've got some serious photos to be taken in approximately 9 months (for more information, please see
Second City Bride, my fiancées blog about this tomfoolery). So I'm kicking off a brand new plan to get my leg up in this war. A plan that will beat the enemy with the Fist of an Angry Norse God.

KMB and I have decided to use the one thing that piques my interest more than a smoked turkey leg: Clams.

Greenbacks. Moolah. Doubloons. Cash.

We're cutting our monthly shopping budget so that there're only one way I can buy the DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, or the book about the making of
The Empire Strikes Back, I have to earn it by shedding pounds and doing the right thing for my health.

• Each month, if I meet my weight goal, I earn myself $50 cash money, to use at my discretion.
• I earn $1 each time I go to the gym or have a protein shake
• I earn $5 each time I do a nutritional cleanse. $15 if I do two in a row.
• $6.5 for each pound I lose over my goal in any month
• I lose $20 if I decide to change the dinner plans
• Eating things that are bad for me is limited to 4 times a month, like Burritos. Sweet, sweet burritos.

Starting today, I'm already $1 closer to a fitter me and set of brand new, slimmer flannel shirts.

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